Social media, RICH media & DIGITAL

Some days I get to work with amazing people & make cool things.

For the last 13 years I've worked at a boutique digital media agency collaborating with immensely talented people, marketing some of Hollywood’s biggest films & television shows. I entered as a Flash developer & exited as an Associate Creative Director.
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My special set of skills

Ideation to Execution, storyboarding, on set photography, the Adobe Suite, editing, motion graphics, RICH MEDIA, HTML, JS, .css, GSAP, ENDFRAME ANIMATION, Dynamic DoubleClick Studio, Websites & AR FILTERS.

On set Social Media

Collaborating with the Cast & Crew on ABC's (The Conners, Abbott Elementary, Home Economics & Maggie) was a delight. Whether it’s Tune Ins, Holiday Callouts, QnA, or BTS vibes, I storyboard my shot list, communicate with production & make sure everyone is set up for success. I get in, get my shots, say thank you & get out. Once my footage is delivered, The marketing department works its magic & things go live.

Ideation, Preparation & Communication = Execution

Ideation, Preparation & Communication = Execution

Spark AR Filter Development

Some days I develop things for clients, other days I develop things just to see if I can. AR development is a lot of fun.

The Banner Game

When Display Advertising is on brand & unintrusive it becomes part of the show.
My Role : HTML Development, Endframe animation, trailer cutdowns, DoubleClick Studio & Making the logo bigger.

EPK Websites

Websites have taken a backseat to Social Media but they're still an important component. EPK sites offer a simplistic gateway to something bigger.
My Role : HTML Development & animation.